• Purpose

    This document is a resource for educators and families who are providing support to students who have experienced a traumatic brain injury/concussion and are returning to school.  Specifically, this document will answer the following questions.

    • What is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and how does it differ from a concussion?
    • What changes might occur as the result of a TBI?
    • What is the process for reentry to school following a TBI?
    • What are the crucial considerations a school should explore in developing a plan for a student’s return to school following a TBI?
    • What are the cognitive/behavioral/physical changes that might occur following a TBI, and what are the accommodations and strategies that might be helpful in supporting the student’s return to school?
    • What type of form can schools use to document occurrences of head injury in a student’s health record?

    Students who have experienced a TBI/concussion may have a diverse range of physical, cognitive, behavioral, and social needs. A team effort is required to effectively address and respond to these needs. The student, the family, school personnel, and service providers must collaborate to ensure that the student receives the support necessary to successfully reenter school. This resource document provides information to assist in promoting the importance and value of an integrated delivery of services.